Ceramic Dragon

This is a typical water dragon. Notice the painted water, the serpent type body all pointing to the type of dragon.

My friend and former business manager, Kim,  in Seattle and I BOTH wanted out of the rain and into the sunshine. She had been there over 20 years, for me, 4 was enough! I thought I would abandon her – and she would follow.

Nada, she abandoned me first – to work on a screenplay with her sister, a very cool story, channeled through the dream time – each night, Kim would ask her sis, well what about this part? The next day her sister would call her to tell her the next part based on her questions! This went on for weeks. One day they realized they had a movie – worth making! Stay tuned, because with Kim’s manifestation abilities… there is no question she will pull it off!

On this particular day – we were meeting to go to the Art Museum in LA. (LACMA) She was coming from Oxnard (1.5 hours to the North of the museum) we were driving in from San Diego, 2.5 hours to the south. As we got into our car – to go, I asked the Dragons to take over the driving for us. I also asked them to take over the driving for Kim!

We came to the intersection at the street where the parking garage for the museum was located. We were both at the same traffic light facing opposite. When the light turned green we made a right, she made a left and, voila, we entered the parking lot with her directly behind us! We had a marvelous day, and we MARVELED at how easy it was for us to meet up – with perfect timing!

As we got into our car – to go, I asked the Dragons to take over the driving for us. I also asked them to take over the driving for Kim! We came to the intersection at the street where the parking garage for the museum was located. We were both at the same traffic light facing opposite. When the light turned green we made a right, she made a left and, voila, we entered the parking lot with her directly behind us! We had a marvelous day, and we MARVELED at how easy it was for us to meet up – with perfect timing!

My 911 story

In February my book agent submitted my finished manuscript for Waking Up in 5D  for approval by Inner Traditions, Bear and Company. The manuscript was accepted, but then they told me the production schedule included a release in 2017! I immediately pulled the chapter that pertains to this month, September 2016.

1 World Trade Center

1 World Trade Center

Many of you know that I have been living in Manhattan for the past 10 years or so. Originally I was based in upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, but then my guides instructed me to move my living quarters to Battery Park City (in lower Manhattan) about three years ago. We, spiritual teachers and I, along with participants of certain classes have done quite  bit of energy work in the area to antidote the pain and suffering of those affected by  the 9/11 disaster. I also maintain a home in San Diego.

For many years I have held back information, gaining a sense of accuracy and appropriateness for my information that I am sharing with you. My Higher Self keeps telling me something big is about to happen. Something big could be my 91 year old mother’s passing – but I don’t think that’s it. So here goes:

Why am I here?

I’m in New York, today, two days before the 15th anniversary of the events surrounding the World Trade Center disaster. Lower Manhattan has rebuilt and is recovering from the devastation. This area is beautiful, thriving and a true jewel to live here. I can see the new WTC 1  from my apartment living room window. YET, this weekend begins a time that many people begin to re-live the horror of those fateful events 15 years ago.

The big event

(Originally written in February 2016 but withheld until now.)

Numerous online resources have promoted a rumor that Vladimir Putin will reveal irrefutable evidence that 9/11 was an inside job by the US government. I believe this: that there will be a Putin 9/11/16 announcement. Many from within the USA have attempted to show the fallacy of the current official story, so an outsider, with power and prestige has a better chance to carry this message to the world. How would he have acquired this information? Remember Snowden went to Russia first.

“According to Kremlin insiders, President Putin has named September 11th 2016 as the date he plans to release the satellite footage to proving conclusively the US government’s darkest secret: that the 9/11 attacks were a false flag terrorist event committed against their own citizens.”

It is well known that Putin is a fan of synchronicity, but there is more to the September 11th 2016 date than a simple anniversary of the attacks. It is also the beginning of a politically volatile period in the US because of the upcoming presidential elections.

What if Putin DOES release this intel this weekend?

If THAT happens, humanity, especially Americans will go through what is commonly referred to as the Five Stages of Grief: Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression and Acceptance – and not necessarily in that order.

Madeline said, “Go for it.”

I’ve had considerable discussions about my  own  view of this possible disclosure with famed business Astrologer, Madeline Gerwick. We discussed the Putin/ 911 info, which she had also seen. We both hope it’s true.

She said, “The astrological cycles are amazingly supportive of an event like that on September 11, 2016. Here’s why:

1) Mercury is retrograde, when we naturally rethink things.

2) We just had a Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo on September 1st. The primary meaning of that eclipse is related to gaining a new perspective about an old situation, and seeing the situation for what it really is. These two cycles fit this information being released perfectly.

3) On September 9th, Jupiter moved into the sign of Libra, which is also the sign of justice, balance and fairness. Jupiter was always involved in Justice and the legal system too. So that’s another indication that the energies are appropriate for this to occur.

4) On September 11, 2016, Jupiter is still at 0 degrees Libra. Why is that important? Zero degrees Libra (along with 0 degrees Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) is one of the four most potent degrees in the 360-degree zodiac. That’s what we call high-impact! These four factors together are very supportive of that information being released on this date.”

How will it come down?

So the show must go on. September 11, 2016 is a Sunday, so the day will be filled with parades, ceremony and speeches. On Monday September 12, the DAY after, the news of Putin’s revelation will take off like wild fire. Every news station will cover it. There will be tons of coverage.

Who will report it?

Any network NOT carrying the news will be “suspect” (as being owned by some controlling entity) so all outlets will cover the drama – so as not to be left out and have people think they were part of the secret.

At first there will be public denial. (just like the first stage of grief); after all, no one wants to believe betrayal. Then there will be public outcry and all the individuals who have been preaching on this for over a decade will be vindicated.

Professional scientists, like Dr. Judy Wood, will be given the stage to present their scientific evidence that the planes didn’t cause the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center.

Next, the bargaining will begin by the black hats, but that won’t last for long because no one will believe anything they say. As this chaos erupts, then the markets will fail, people will get depressed, and then angry again. This will then give Obama the imperative and ability to suspend the elections (if needed) until the mess can be sorted out – and the New Republic is born. There are those who have already put the New Republic in place and are standing at the ready to create a completely new system.

Channeled from Mother Earth:

Yes, the release of information will happen, it will occur most definitely, and there is much support in Putin coming forward. He may possibly give his life – at least his political life – for this and it is useful to pray for him and bless him.

Maureen was given a prayer for the Governments, particularly that of the United States, several earth years ago, and this prayer was updated, and made available to all who would use it. Divine Government Meditation.

Divine Government Meditation

Divine Government Meditation

This time it includes the world governments of 100% God Light and support for leaders like Putin to come forward and play their part fearlessly. The part that is implied is that those who step forward and fulfill their destiny and/or obligation in the Light will receive recompense for their deeds and this is often unseen until it is done – so we say to you that those leaders who are “doing the exposing act” will receive their due and will enjoy a good life. These are not sacrifices being made, but rather contracts being upheld. Do you see?

NOTE: This is especially important in light of the Corey Goode revelations about agreements made – for the release of information, and what happens when those releases are delayed.

  1. Yes. So in other words, there is no “sacrificial lamb” or a person “taking the fall”.


  1. What may we know about the results or effects that this Putin information will have on the US of A?

The domino effect will be great. There will be a cascade of tumultuous response. Now let us get to the heart of things. Yes, there will be a ripple effect throughout the people of the US of A and there will be a response, a retaliation by the Illuminati, and an attempt to cover things up that is similar to the mess and clouding that occurred regarding whether or not the NASA moon landing ever happened.

A cover up was invented for the purpose of being discovered and thus discrediting the moon landing so people thought it never happened but in fact it did happen. In the case of the moon landing, fake footage was shot, in case the actual footage wasn’t good enough to use. Some of the staged footage was used, even though a moon landing did occur. Yes that is a confusing statement, but this is what was done.

In the same matter, the Illuminati will attempt to re-cloud and conceal and suggest that this is conspiracy theory in order to confuse and deliberately disempower the people trying to make things clear. It will not succeed, because the energetic signature of the truth will be and is so strong that the wool must come down from people’s eyes. In addition, this exposition of the truth will serve to validate so much of what people suspect that it will prove impossible to sway people from the truth once it is exposed by such a high-level official.


There will be fury from those Americans who lost loved ones. Fury and rage. It will be less dangerous than it sounds, because it is mostly anger due to the “ripping off of the bandage” of the wound that was technically in a state of healing. As Maureen says, this is just one phase of processing for people on the planet and in America. There will not be forgiveness for quite some time.

We want to make it clear that these stages of processing are in this stage for the entire country. It’s not just for those who suffered human loss. Their anger will literally be vented off of the planet. It will ease tectonic stress, literally, because the anger will lift. In this case, you can use MerKaBa Mystique AroMandalas (Essential Oil blend formulated to reduce unexpressed anger) to assist that anger in being released from the planet. And you can use Passages AroMandalas to Let Go, for them.

Q. Is it true? The 9/11 attack was an inside job?

Yes, it was. It was the machination of a group who wanted to, and for a while did, manipulate and sway the country and the planet. As Maureen says, do not go into the “why” of these events. The planet’s emancipation must be thorough, complete, and deeply transform and transmute beyond the pain of this injustice in order to go to a new energy that is so loving, territory so new and fresh, that the “why” will matter less and less. This “shakedown” needs to emanate from the top-down, from the leaders down to the masses. Many know this is coming – those in high power. They are taking steps to evacuate with their assets and even now they are leaving shells behind, duplicates in place, to take the hits that are inevitable.

There is more passion than rage that will come forth from the masses. There will be more fascination and interest than anger and hatred. People will say “FINALLY!” Maureen said this earlier: that people will say, “You know I always thought 9/11 was an inside job, a fake attack.” In that, people will unite and commiserate for those who have experienced loss.

Once the mourning passes, there will be unity and healing. The witch hunt of whom to blame will fall more by the wayside and the excitement of who can now lead with transparency will emerge. There are energetic discs in the USA that were supposed to be floated up and integrated into the universe that were instead held onto and retained, hoarded almost, and these were never to be kept on the planet.

There are evolutionary events that were supposed to take place so that NEW information and new contacts with the ET’s of 100% God Light could participate in—so much has been withheld from the people and Light Workers themselves that have been limited because these veils were in place. So the upcoming shift with world leaders is a MUST if you are to proceed with the whole purpose of Mothership Earth.

It’s all very interesting and it all begins with this little domino. If you can accept this, you and your fellow Light Workers can continue to hold the bigger picture and work as balancers from a more objective standpoint, and partake less in the drama which is unfolding and you will be a boon to the process.

End channeled session.–

For years, I had been experiencing the feeling the concern from the benevolent ET’s in my awareness of the possible backlash that could occur if people ever discovered they had been betrayed about this and other events. More recently, during the last two years, the energy has shifted considerably, and this is no longer a concern. People are more loving and kind than they used to be. Everyone is more compassionate about everything. This is our new normal. We can take this news. We can accept the emotions that will come, because we are strong enough to know that we need to recover and rebuild more than we need revenge and retaliation.

Love to you! Maureen

I’m getting ready to introduce a new amazing meditation – free for the taking. It will help you hold your own – especially if crazy things start to happen! (As if they already aren’t happening now!) Please watch for it!

We need to let go of all the old belief systems, it’s time for a reset – and wonderful energies are coming in to support us!

This is the time to Get ‘er done! as one of my good friends Rosie says.

Remember that we dreamed this crazy reality, and NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING can hold us there any more! Imagine the caged bird’s door is open. You CAN fly. Let’s get going!

Don’t be tempted to stay in the matrix because they put food and water in those little dishes. The food drugs you and the water’s got stuff in it to. Instead, time to take responsibility for your own welfare and happiness. You’ll be fine.

Maureen St. Germain

Maureen St. Germain


It might be time for you to learn to grow your Higher Self Connection. Check it out, I have a wonderful program that will support your growth and success in this area!!!

You are going to start to have experiences that defy explanation. You will know things – without knowing why you know. You’ll dream of Grandma, long since passed, who will tell you things you need to know. You might even see her in the corner of your eye in the kitchen! You are not going crazy, the veils are thinning and you are ready. AND ready or not here comes the photon belt.

Many people have written about the photon belt – it will energetically alter who you are. If you’ve never had anything weird like this happen before  – it might frighten you. Keep asking “What’s going on?” Your angels and guides will answer and will tell you the whole truth, even if you aren’t ready for it!  I promise you they will be gentle. Better get in that habit now. You’ll need it for later.

Sometimes you’ll get information that makes no sense. Ask more questions. Don’t let a mystery scare you. Try to stay away from “Why” and go for the What questions. That will insure your accuracy. Even if it makes no sense. Here’s an example: When Vyto my hubby and I were in San Diego last Christmas, we were pretty sure we were going to relocate there. We made a list of all the neighborhoods we found that were of interest to us. Then without knowing the “name” of the neighborhood, one by one Vyto asked me about them. The goal was to eliminate all but one. Interestingly, one area we were told, “It would be ok, if you have a dog.” What???? Later, when I found out more about the area I discovered it was on the fringe of the area where there were a greater number of homeless and vagrants. Hence, a dog might keep unwanted people from bothering me on my walks.

Hold your own, yet keep asking for help from your angels and guides. When you feel fear, speak to it, like it’s a messenger, it is. Let it be known you will listen to the message and then dismiss the fear. Decide if the fear is useful to you and if you need that reminder to do something or to change something. Change your BELIEF or change your BEHAVIOR  and the fear will stop coming back. Fear is almost always a messenger. If it is mass consciousness fear, good that you give it a voice, and help dissolve it!

Maureen ST. Germain

This red-gold sunset is one of the MANY reminders of that fabulous red-gold energy…. It’s the Ascension Flame, and you can use it to heal yourself – to your more evolved self!

The fabulous new energies will enable you to feel one another much more easily. Be gentle with yourself and others. Keep smiling, and don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. It actually makes people like you more, because they know you are real. It’s good to be sincere and honest about what’s going on in your life!

As the secrets are revealed, and there are plenty of them, do not waste your time on seeking revenge or retaliation. Sure you are going to be angry that you were “betrayed.” But remember, part of you wanted the so called security that was promised. Your time and energy will be much better used by investing it into future solutions and caretaking our beautiful planet.

Many solutions will spring out of the ability to share openly with one another. Be extra patient with one another because we all need it! (Me too!)

Have you ever been accused of something that was so ridiculous you laughed out loud at the preposterous suggestion? Well, that’s the kind of absolute absurdity that is still going on in the “lamestream media” – as some call the traditional news sources. Your sources, your friends, neighbors, and other alternative choices will hold you through the crazy times.

Speaking of crazy times, yes there will be a little bit of that, but not for long, and oh by the way, the faster you decide that you are find and that whatever craziness you are part of, “this too shall pass” quickly I might add. Don’t let anything frighten you. As a matter of fact, every once in awhile I even say into the air, “You don’t scare me.” when there is stuff going on – that makes no sense, and I’m feeling like there is an attempt to intimidate or frighten me.


Maureen St Germain & Madeline Gerwick

I’m excited for you – my friend Madeline Gerwick has just released her quarterly newsletter and the energies for the solstice are just fantastic, we have an amazing buzzing July ahead of us. The brakes have finally come off, and you and I have a chance to have a huge breakthrough! I’m in!

An example of a breakthrough came with a fellow board member on the non-profit where I am a member of their board. The head of the abundance raising committee was very concerned because no one could find a “giving tree” that had the names of donors from the last building drive. We are now getting ready for a new building drive  – and she felt we had somehow let those original donors down. She reported today after searching everywhere, and asking tons of people, that she reached out to the man who had helped put the names on the tree. He produced the list from his data base, from some 20 years ago! Incredible.

Many more wonderful things are in store for you and me. Keep imagining your best case scenario, and when stuff happens that scares you, say the opposite, “This doesn’t scare me, I wonder what the Universe has in mind for me!” Everything will be all right. No, everything is about to be amazing!!! What a wonderful life.



Where did this guy come from? Why is he hanging around?

Over 20 years ago, there was a friend, Dan, who always “showed up.” I would come home from teaching the MerKaBa in a new city each weekend, walk in the door and the phone would ring. It was always Dan, and he would say, “Just get home?”  I felt like he was checking up on me! 

After a while, since he wasn’t the most interesting person I knew, I couldn’t understand why he was there! He wasn’t my sweetheart, and I didn’t see what he was doing in my life. So I asked my guides, “Who is this guy, and why is he in my life?” and they said, “He’s one of the Guardians.” Wow. I had never heard of that!JFK for London

Enter the Guardians

I was suddenly very humbled by the fact that there even WERE guardians, and that I was being provided one! I was full of gratitude for his persistent presence, and for his concern over my whereabouts.

Over the years I have given him much greater respect and thankfulness (sadly, he passed a few years ago.) I’ve been given the gift of many Guardians who seem to look after me over the years. Each time I’ve been given the identity of my a Guardian I’ve made note of it. Not all the Guardians I meet are there for me. Some of them are there for YOU. I’ve written more about this in the Waking Up in 5D Book, (scheduled released 2017.)

This is probably the one of the most important pieces of information I’ve released in a while! I’ve never spoken of this except to them – when I’ve identified them. I’m so grateful for their presence in my life and on the planet! They really are watching out for us! Next time you notice someone in your life who really doesn’t seem to fit in – the way you are used to, ask your Higher Self, is this one of the Guardians? Thank God, for the Guardians!

You’ll be able to read more about the Guardians in my upcoming book, Waking up in 5D. If you pre-ordered it, you’ll get your copy as soon as it is released. Please see the update on it on my website:


What are the Way Showers?

Mt. Tacoma

Mt. Rainer is the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in the state of Washington. It is a large active stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) south-southeast of Seattle. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States

This is the beginning of the way-showers. At some point another’s welfare will become as important as your own. Like a mother protecting her children, you will choose to take responsibility for your own actions and how they may affect others in a brand new way. Many individuals here has already achieved ascension in another lifetime and are now here as way showers. Way showers don’t need to prove anything. Their purpose comes from within. It’s based on deep service to humanity and deep love for all living things.


Who are the Way Showers?

Museum landscaping on Bainbridge Island

A cascading fountain, part of the landscaping at Bainbridge Island Art Museum

The Way Showers are all around you, and are leaders or knowers. This term first came to my attention almost 20 years ago through a client reading, when she was told she was one of the Way Showers.  The way showers lead by exposing the truth, and bringing it to the eyes of the public, where many can benefit from this knowledge. Another category of Way Showers is those who know, understand, believe these things and lead by example. You may be well read, or a meditator, channel, guide or just a very spiritual being. You’ve come into embodiment on the earth in order to help souls find their way. There are Way Showers, and there are Masters. Sometimes the Masters are pushing the buttons of the way showers. This is to push the Way Showers into their own Mastery! Yet, all are working together for one purpose, to collectively become 5D.

This is the role of the way shower. Instead of saying, “Follow me!” The way shower encourages each one to use their gifts and be their best self.

Seek teachers that invite you to challenge them and ask you to prove their teachings for yourself. This doesn’t mean you openly ridicule or deride teacher, but that you take the teaching that is given and explore it within yourself. Then ask does this work for me? Is this in my highest and best good. Is this the truth I seek?

There will be many highly evolved spiritual teachers who are still in ego, and who will insist that you follow exclusively. There will be other highly acclaimed teachers that you can learn from who will teach you falsely. You are to discern the difference and honor your inner wisdom.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the dramatic physical, emotional and spiritual transformation in the human that will cause you to feel, think and be different than you were before. In the old days, we thought of ascension in the Easter version, where Christ had to die to “ascend.” This is NOT the case! This in fact, is why this process is so mysterious. How could you ascend and not die since that only version you’ve been taught? Aside from the avatars and mystics, nobody has ascended and maintained their physical body. It is largely unknown. The ascension of humanity on earth is the emerging perfected human from our current state of chrysalis. This “ascension” is a foregone conclusion, inevitable. We are on our way, but would benefit from some additional guidance. Like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, the transformation is a mystery, but real. You may have heard of a science experiment where the researcher provides too much outside intervention. This is why self-education is so very important. In your case, your own self-discovery, self pace is critical to your success. It is for this reason you can and must assist your own process, with your own efforts as an act of will. This is you stepping into your Divinity. It is also you stepping into your 5th dimensional self.

Ultimately as you become more and more 5th Dimensional, you become the ascended master you! Your own process is unique, and will NOT move faster than you will allow it. For some, your shift in consciousness will seem radical to your friends. For others, it will be such a gradual, but clear “awakening” that it’s expression will seem smooth. For sure, everyone who desires this is becoming ascended masters. As you grow and develop your unique expression of it – it will bring change upon the earth. Mother Earth will not “ascend without you.” This is why all of heaven (and earth) is waiting, watching and – like the lyrics from the famous John Lennon song, Imagine, the world will “live as one.”


Because the ascension is physical for the first time, there’s much to be learned and discovered. Many people will be going through physical discomfort. The more you resist, the challenging these changes can become. You might have made multiple visits to various doctors – but no one can find any reason for your physical pain and discomfort! And of course, this can cause even more distress. If this describes you, after you have exhausted all the traditional sources of healers, you may want to explore non-traditional healers. You may discover that cranio-sacral, acupuncture, naturopathy, meditation and a whole host of other tools may help you get through your personal physical shift. You may find a shift in your diet will help. Experiences can crop up that are actually clearing past life wounds. What if some of what you may be physically healing is coming from other lifetimes or other timelines? What if you are merging other versions of you that are damaged? It’s important to consider this, because as you open to these possibilities, the energies can merge with who you are much easier! Once you start to look, with clear intention, you’ll be led to the individuals ideally suited to help you! You’ll also grow your Higher Self Connection. (Do I tell the story of my changing places with another version of me in Bulgaria?)


Emotions are one of your portals. Keep yourself in peace, and emotional balance. Never-the-less, you may find your emotions are all over the map! Emotional trauma may be at the source of your awakening. This is true for many. This is so important that I have devoted a full chapter to this – and will explore this deeply. Emotions are something that are distinctly human. Emotion is the ability to imbue chi (or energy that has no charge) with a purpose. The purpose is to express a feeling. Feelings are intended to be expressed. This is why feelings steer your experiences and gives all of them more depth. This is why feelings are as important as experiences. As you become aware of who you are, as a male or female, you will discover whatever you’ve chosen to emphasis, you will be drawn to develop the other. Most women develop awareness of feelings, most men focus on experiences. A balanced human experiences both equally.



The mind has ruled for a long time. There are lots of good reasons for this. Western society has long held that logic is the only form of arriving at conclusions. This is especially true in the sciences. Slowly, we are beginning to unlock the mind’s stronghold on thought processes. Logic is based on repeatable, verifiable systems. Yet it is still a form of prediction. Isn’t it interesting that most of the world’s major mathematical and scientific breakthroughs have occurred not from mental posturing, but from meditation or intuitions? Most breakthroughs have come as a result of some mystical experience! The ego wants to cling to the old patterns because it’s the ego’s job to keep you safe. Fear of the unknown is often the root of emotional drama. Where does the ego get its determination of what is safe for you? It comes from your history. This is why learning to step out of patterns, confidently, asking “What’s going on” becomes so very critical. It opens the way to learn, accept and adopt something you did not know or understand from your experiences or feelings!

The spiritual shift is driving all of humanity upwards. In the process of ascension, or waking up in 5D, your inner motives will change. Many individuals here has already achieved ascension and are now here as way showers. Way showers don’t need to prove anything. Their purpose comes from within. It’s based on deep service to humanity and deep love for all living things. Many of the things that will happen to you are transcendent. You may start seeing auras, or know things about people. Perhaps you will start feeling strong urges that you are to do more that just work in a corporate job. Because of all the light activating your new expression, anything that is not in alignment with these new energies will be eliminated. Cling to them, if you must, and let go as soon as you can. Your comfort depends upon it. Remember, your entire consciousness is pulling you towards your Higher Self expression.



Better listen, quick!

Astrology for 2016.

Madeline Gerwick, author of the Good Timing Guide, and Business Astrologer filled our calendars with information to insure success in 2016. She has a wealth of information that will help you plan better and make better decisions!

What did Walt Disney and J. P. Morgan have in common?

Both of them used astrological cycles and timing for successful business results. Asian companies have also used astrological timing for centuries, and now you can too!

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The Practical Mystic can tell you!

This month’s show will be very special because you’ll get to hear from my good friend, business astrologer

IMG_2844.JPGMadeline Gerwick, author of The Good Timing Guide. I know some of you don’t buy into astrology – and neither did Madeline – until a random astrology reading was so accurate that she couldn’t ignore it!

She didn’t believe either!

Add to that, her working experience in the corporate world, she was able to see patterns that emerged for business. The more attention she gave to it, the easier her corporate job became! That’s where you and I come in – because we can now use her Good Timing Guide to plan for our work and play and maximize the “timing” of the universe.

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People keep asking about fourth dimension.

As I explained about the dimensions in my book, published in 2009 people are still asking! I was intrigued by comment of a well-known interviewer when he and his insider guest were talking about fourth dimension. I want to share what I have received from Source in my work as a spiritual teacher and

Orb in the trees with the Sun!

mystic. There is a great deal of curiosity and confusion about this. The interviewer laughingly suggests that you cannot just hopscotch around, and go from 3rd to 5th. Oh, yes you can!

Yes you can… and should!

As a direct channel  to source, and because I am fully plugged in to Source, I’ve been getting this very information for many years in my work!  Check out Chapter 12 in my book, Beyond the Flower of Life (page 134-5.) You do want to go from 3rd  directly into to 5th. As I explored the higher dimensions in my meditations, I discovered that fourth dimension is a portal or gateway. Like Grand Central Station in New York City, no one goes there to spend the night, unless you are stranded! More information is coming in the newest book Waking up in 5D, hopefully out soon.

The primary reason we don’t really talk about going to fourth dimension – is because your stay their is transitional. There is no real need to “stay” to fourth dimension. We use fourth dimension as a portal, or nexus point to make the next decision. Fourth dimension is the zone of transition. It is not a location for you to do anything, it more of a means to get into 5th, and it is similar enough to 3rd that it’s fairly easy.

Fourth is not where you want to go and stay, but it is how you get to where you are going. It is the hub between Third and Fifth. Fourth dimension is the environment of emotion. Your emotional focus is all it takes, it doesn’t even need to be extreme.  It’s generally not noticeable to you unless your emotion is intense.  After a big breakup, I’ve seen people channell their Higher Self, like an Ascended Master! Maybe someone important to you is leaving you. Maybe you’ve had an experience of intense emotion because someone died, yet it’s also where something spiritual happened to you. Your situation will be unique, intense, painful – and it changes you. Maybe it gave you an insight, or gave you wisdom, compassion or self-mastery. Any of these will give you a kick-start into 5th, but you don’t have to wait for that to happen to get into 5th! Try this axiom. The heart leads, the mind follows. Then flowing into 4th becomes effortless, and the slide into 5th becomes almost unnoticeable.


If your stuff disappears and then later reappears in exactly the same location that you thought it was, originally, that means that you’ve been moving into 4th (when you set it down) and then cannot find it when you are back in third! I have often told my students, just ask for the “missing” item to return from fourth dimension! This means that we don’t always know when we are moving in and out of fourth dimension.

Fourth dimension is experienced as a transition zone. It is movement oriented. It is meant to push you higher or lower. It allows you to move into a very fluid location that caries with it vibrations in either direction. Which one will you choose? Will you use it so you can ease into the next energy?

Fourth dimension is the place where you often find you are experiencing emotions. Both deep happiness and moderate happiness along with sadness and deep sadness can be found in the fourth dimension. The deep sadness can pull you down like quicksand. Great joy can spiral you upwards to fifth dimension.

When you go into 4th it’s an opportunity

At this juncture in time, the transition zone between the third and fifth is weighted towards fifth. All of heaven has made the higher expressions of emotions in fourth dimension inviting, energizing, and attractive. This honest awareness of what you might choose next will allow you to make choices that help you shift and evolve rapidly upwards, sometimes allowing you to slip right into fifth dimension without even noticing. Fifth dimension will put you in the tranquil zone.

Who were we talking about?

David Wilcock and his series with Corey Goode. This particular show (available on Gaia internet TV) is Cosmic Disclosure, Season 2 Q & A 1. At the end of that section, our “insider” Corey says,  “We could be transitional right now fourth density. We could be 3rd or 4th density right now. A lot of it depends upon belief systems and that kind of thing. When you start talking about density we are going into, how it is going to happen, it comes down to, we really don’t know. We will have to see what happens.”

BTW – thank you to both David and Corey. Your work is pivotal in helping people see, understand, know and believe much of what they wanted to know! Your work will help change the world. Bless you both!

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San Diego – Balboa Park Dome – from the inside!

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Who, How and Why of the Hathor Chant?

Who are the Hathors?

The Hathors are the most intelligent, most advanced race of enlightened beings in our solar system. They are more advanced than the dolphins. They represent only peace and love. They are completely Fifth Dimensional. They communicate through singing or toning, not spoken words. Many Egyptians experienced the Hathors in their life all the time. Many of the Egyptian artists were able to see them. It is not just one whole race. They are a species.

This chant came through the Hathors to me. I later discovered Tom Kenyon had published this in one of his early books, the Hathor Material. Tom and I are friends. When I asked his permission to record the meditation, I didn’t tell him that I had received this information from the Hathors. Instead, I simply asked permission. It seemed like I would have been in ego – to need to tell him this. Besides, he said yes, and got Virginia Essene’s approval too.

How to do the Chant

Get some friends together.

Get this track from the CD on my website. For the first two weeks in November 2015 it's free.

Get this track from the CD on my website. For the first two weeks in November 2015 it’s free.

Allow about 30 minutes from start to finish. This chant may be sung by yourself or in a group. It is extraordinarily powerful. Magnify this by a group and your collective experiences will be incredible. The easiest way to organize this is to suggest you do this in a study group or a group of like-minded friends. Use the recording – as it keeps the pace and rhythm moving along – as well as keeps count. This meditation is repeated in sets of four. Ideally, four to the fourth power (44) or 256 repetitions is the preferred count. This will take about twenty minutes.

You should sit with your back straight and your hands open and in front of you. Use a pillow if necessary to be comfortable. Your open hands are required, so don’t do a mudra, or hold your hands together. Instead keep your palms up, and open, as if you are about to receive a gift – you probably will.

Keep sitting, doing nothing for at least 8-9 minutes after the chanting is finished. When we first began doing this – I was shown by the Hathors that we needed to “stay still” for an additional 8 minutes or so. I always announce we will remain in our seats, quietly, with no sound or movement for ten minutes after the meditation stops, but the Hathors usually finish with you in eight minutes after you finish singing.

The recording of 256 repetitions takes about 22 minutes on the CD. It will take you longer when you do it alone, as the singers on the CD keep the pace going. Another benefit of 256 repetitions is that it allows human consciousness to settle and move into the archetypes of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. When that occurs, your perception of the elements is crystal clear. You feel their aliveness, and they feel your humanity.

The Hathors love you to do this chant out-of-doors where you are interacting with the elements directly. It is also useful to purposefully put your attention on your pranic tube. This is the cylinder like tube that looks like a six-foot long florescent light bulb that runs from above your crown chakra about 5 inches above your head to 5 inches below your feet.

With your attention on your pranic tube, the prana (God’s White Light) moving through it becomes attuned to pure essence and activated by your sound. This then activates the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air in you!

What will occur?

You will feel and experience their presence. They may show up – in ways that you aren’t used to. Very often you will feel them touch your face, or hair. They have enormous sense of humor, and may show up in a way to make you laugh. This is because they are so open-hearted and will help you open your heart.

We find that individuals experience more than one voice coming through their vocal cords! Alternately they will hear more singers than are in the room. There are often additional sounds like you hear in recordings of Tibetan Monks performing overtone singing. Joining the Hathors in toning is quite the experience, as you will learn.

Additionally the primary job of this chant, which translates to: Earth, Fire, Water and Air is to tune you to the elements of the Earth. The primary elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air need you, and your interaction to bring all the discordant energy back into alignment. This is an amazingly easy and powerful tool to support our planet.

Better sit still!

Many people experience a form of stillness somewhat like being unable to move. This is similar to the feeling that anesthesia produces. If this happens to you, don’t worry, instead, say, “Thank you.” It means that they have immobilized you so they can do some serious shifting of energies. I always give them permission to “make whatever adjustments” I can receive with the least amount of discomfort possible. And I always invite them to continue working on me in my dream-time, later that day. This way, if more upgrades are needed, and can be done, they have my invitation to do it. To help you remember, what this does for you, I’ll share my irreverent name for this chant. I call it a colonic for the pranic tube. If you cannot move, know they are working on your pranic tube. They will release your body back to you when your meditation is done.

We are one!

The Hathors have asked us to look at our modern culture and address the problem of “separation” from nature that many experience. I make it a necessary habit to be outside in nature every day. You do this by going to the park or nature preserve to be in nature. Although taking a walk up the street is good, it is not what is meant here. Find a way to get into a nature area that has no electrical lines. Let this special time help you connect with the elements, the elementals and more. Let the elemental kingdom hear your appreciation for the beauty that abounds. There is much we can learn from the experience of being in nature.

One of the most important things this chant will do for you are to link you to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I found that after using this chant almost daily for about a year, my connection with animals and the Earth elementals made a monumental leap. I could hear and communicate with them. I was given other gifts as well. A daily practice of this chant for an extended period of time will really open you to this. In addition, it actually helps the elemental kingdom harmonize with the human kingdom – as you are literally singing their song!

What to say:

Make your invocation before you begin. It might go like this:

I invite the Hathors to join us. I ask the Hathors to work with me, improving my well-being, opening my heart and assisting all life on this planet to live and be in harmony. I ask that any and all upgrades needed or appropriate for me be provided at this time. In addition, I give my full permission for these upgrades to be continued if needed during the dream time this night. Amen.